Monday, July 20, 2009

Offbeat Vacation Pics

I took alot of pictures of mostly the family & mountains on vacation last week.

There are also a couple photos of wacked-out things I came across that gave me a laugh.

My family took 2 trucks to visit a place called Castle Reproductions- that ended up being closed down. Instead, we walked around the town of Hawley browsing the local shops & antique stores. I picked up a nice gift & some used books: Mindful Politics, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, & Prehistory: The Dawn of Early Man.

When we first got to the town, we went to a diner & sat at one of the booths. I looked up & saw a sign showing "TIME REMAINING" w/ all 00:00's lit up. This is the kind of absurdity that I live for.

We guessed it was a millenium clock or something. Nobody in the diner bothered to take down & they've kept it lit up, obviously for my own personal entertainment.

This was especially strange, considering we had the books we had at the house: Apocalypse 2012 that my brother brought & The Mayan Prophecies that I had. Both books deal with the Mayan concepts of time and the celestial order.

The second photo I took of an old comic book that was sitting in a Victorian house converted to an antique shop. Even ignoring the modern sexual connotation, if gay used to mean happy... then how the hell does that apply to a border bandit, even if he is wearing a yellow scarf?

I definitely was not going to waste my money to find out...

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