Monday, July 06, 2009

'Seed of Life' Garden

On a much more comforting note than the last post....

I often search Google Images for random visual inspiration. For me, it is like treasure hunting for pictures that are interesting, crazy, informative, or just eye-catching.

The Seed of Life is a repeating design, created by intersecting circles at their midpoints. It is the initial pattern behind the larger symbol known as The Flower of Life. (with the only reference to my blog on Wikipedia...:)

This is an ancient design, with rich geometric & metaphorical secrets contained within. My appreciation for the heritage behind this geometric symbol led me to create the award-winning strategy game "Da Vinci's Challenge" while a Senior design student at Rowan.

Of course, I am not the only one who has been inspired by this beautiful & symmetrical form-

Getting to my original reason for this post -

While searching through the pages of images on Google, I saw an interesting application for the pattern of interlocking circles.... Landscaping!

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EvaDeva said...

this schematic came from this website :

A woman named Kathy Irving has championed it, and uses it for therapy as well as practical application of food growing in areas like schools, prisons, and other areas of social service. :) its awesome.