Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

I think I saw this site linked on BoingBoing, & thought it was a cool idea.

Around 2000 when I was a design student, computers had already been the primary design tool in the industry. Even though we were using Mac OS9 & Photoshop 6 back then, I could appreciate what a powerful ally the Apple computer is to a designer, or any creative person.

Despite spending 90% of my time as a designer on the computer, I've still become familiar with tools that have been used since the pre-digital design era. The studio I work at has alot of these instruments around from the people I work with. They've explained various functions of these gadgets & it is no wonder graphic art used to look so crappy- graphic design used to be a real pain in the ass! I am truly thankful to be able to create in the infinitely versatile medium of light itself.

I still use some of these tools for things like creating box prototypes, & things like Pantone books or X-acto blades aren't obsolete at all.

Seriously though, who needs computers when you have devices like this?....

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