Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Facebook Page

Paul Micarelli @ Facebook

I try to keep my life as simple as possible, so I've hesitated getting onto Facebook since it's just another thing to log onto & take up time.

Enough people I know & have seen around have recommend it for me to feel that I was completely out of the loop. I like being a contrarian sometimes, but the power of the mob is too much to ignore.

It's definitely a great service, as long as they don't end up misusing everyone's info. A nice part about it is the simplicity of both the basic concept & the interface.

Of course, we all know that Facebook is just a front for C.I.A. intelligence gathering operations...

Well, the spooks can't get ALL of us right?....right?

Seriously, though- life is all about connections, and social networks are a powerful tool to connect people.

By increasing the power of personal interconnectedness, iThink we are forming the beginnings of what could be compared to a digital "hive mind."

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