Tuesday, September 08, 2009

*Correction*- Glenn Beck is The Voice of Reason!

I was waaay too busy doing absolutely nothing over the holiday weekend to see that I was wrong about Glenn Beck being a source of illogical subjectivity.

It turns out he is actually an influential politicial guru whose whims are acknowledged by the most powerful administrative body in the world, the U.S. White House.

I'm not really sure what this guy said that was wrong. He called Republicans 'assholes'? That could be only a half-truth... In Beck's case, he's a self-righteous asshole.
As far as the 9/11 controversy- I would think that all of the "Big Government"-hating patriots in Glenn Beck's audience would appreciate that Jones questioned the 'official government story.'

Obama and his staff obviously have realized the overwhelming prestige of someone like The Pastey One, who possesses the intelligence & strength of character to call the popularly-elected, Harvard-educated, mixed-race President a 'commie racist'.

That is why the tyrannical, fascist Obama Administration bowed down to the moral force that is - Fox Punditry.

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