Saturday, September 05, 2009

Glenn Beck vs. Rational Logic: The Showdown!

No wonder the people who proudly like Glenn Beck seem detached from the realm of common sense.

I've commented on him before (& not always negatively) but I recently made myself endure a stupifying clip on BagNewsNotes from his TV show. It made me wonder why Fox doesn't just give David Icke a show.

This is use of the most loose of random associations to make....WHAT POINT?!?

Is there some kind of insidious Commu-fascist mind virus that covertly manifests itself through metropolitan art?

As a professional graphic artist with extensive knowledge of the use & interpretation of symbols, I find this "analysis" by the "Pastey Purveyor of Paranoia" to be bordering on non-sensical. There is no substance between the connections between the symbolic art in NYC & the ideology of the current administration- except that he believes there seems to be something there.

...or maybe he knows these "connections" are absurd... and is purposely trying to short circuit what functioning brain cells are left in his regular audience! Either way his incoherent presentation is insulting to my artistic & rational sensibilities.

Symbolic language can be interpreted literally an infinite number of ways.
Sometimes there is definitely subversive meaning embedded into art of all kinds, but sometimes a farmer & worker are just a farmer & worker- not symbols of some insidious foreign ideology.

When I was in 1st grade, my teacher gave me personal assignments that were pretty advanced. I remember one in which I had to describe the meaning of the yellow stars, hammer, & sickle on the red Soviet flag. My aunt was a librarian so I called her up & she helped me. Therefore according to Glenn Beck, my retired aunt & I are communist conspirators.

Seriously, what is the difference between Beck's segment & this video?:

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