Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Resolution: Learn 'CymaGlyphs'

My life is pretty moderate & fairly satisfying to me overall, so there's not many things to make New Years resolutions about.

I know a little Spanish, but it would be very cool to learn alot of other languages. Italian would be first on my list. It would be very interesting to learn Chinese, but I'm too lazy too try to tackle that task. (This is where downloading knowledge via the iThink comes in.)

Even more intriguing would be learning how to communicate with other species.

Researchers are saying that intelligent cetacean language takes the form of 3-dimensional ultrasonic waveforms. The structures of these waveforms, called CymaGlyphs, are like visual icons representing something to be communicated.

I'm sure we'll soon have a lexicon of 'words' compiled & one day even have an ultrasound beam generator to create messages in dolphin-speak.

I originally saw this story on, but they took the story down. Maybe the inevitable idea of interspecies communication is too outrageous to investigate.

"CymaGlyphs - Dolphin Picture Words"

Prepare for the 'Dolphin Mind-Meld'...

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