Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McPain '08

I've always thought that John McCain was a man who deserves some respect. The guy's been through hell & I hate to have an ill opinion of him.

Unfortunately, he is clearly not the better leader of the two Presidential candidates. If Sen. McCain can barely keep his own party & staff of loyalists together through this campaign, how do people expect him to MANAGE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY?!?!?!

At first, I thought Sarah Palin seemed at least interesting...
Then, she started yakking & attacking and, by golly, she hasn't even stopped once to think (literally).

Personally, I'm stickin' with the Socialist Muslim Black Panther Antichrist Terrorist Sympathizer, the Long-legged Freak himself.

I won't claim that Obama is a perfect candidate or that all his policy approaches are the best. His tremendous ability to communicate, organize, & inspire are fairly self-evident, though.

With Halloween this Friday & the election in less than a week, the scariest thing to me in the immediate future is the idea of more regressive Republican rule in the White House. This is especially true in the face of such a strong possibility for a new approach to governing.

I find the McCain campaign's approach to pretty much everything to be distasteful. To properly express how I feel about their low-brow style of politics, I made a little mash-up of the dysfunctional "McPain" team, using my superior Photoshop skills.

Click the image below for a larger, even more disturbing size.

If you stare at it for too long you will definitely lose your mind.

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