Monday, February 15, 2010

"2012: End of the World?"

On I saw a link the other night to an awesome infographic concerning a continual interest of mine that has recently become a pop culture phenomenon.

The ancient Mayan culture of the area we call Central America today is a society that I find endlessly fascinating. We are actually living in a Renaissance of archaeological knowledge of the classical Maya, with new finds constantly being uncovered.

The Mayan people had an intricate understanding of the natural world and it's relationship to human modes of thought like astronomy & mathematics. They were masters of cosmic cycles & abstract concepts that have only recently been revived into the collective consciousness.

With all the mystery & intrigue about this unique culture being injected into the public discourse, there's bound to be misinformation being spread around. One of the most controversial theories regarding the ancient Maya is the idea that the end of their "Long Count" cosmic calendar reaches an end of an age in the year 2012 & could possibly result in global upheaval... or not.

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The site Information is Beautiful created this exquisite graphic comparing perceptions & facts regarding what we know about the viability of the year 2012 has a specifically transformative experience:

Information is Beautiful
"2012: End of the World?

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