Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Tao of the Internet

The Internet is definitely one of mankind's most transformational creations.

When I was young & relied on encyclopedias or libraries to search about specific topics, I knew there had to be a better way. It wasn't until I was in college around 2000 that web browsing really exploded into a ubiquitous phenomenon.

Since then, the Internet has become more than just a fact-finding tool. One of it's biggest current uses is social networking that connects people in effective new ways. In fact, the Internet might be the basic physical framework for a future universal mind that connects humanity in a deeper way:

The Internet as a Living Symbol
of Global Oneness

With the Internet's structural elements being improved continuously & mankind's endless pursuit of novelty, progress is inevitable. It is only a matter of time before new technologies produce increasingly unimaginable breakthrough experiences.

Google to Offer Fast Broadband
as Trial to Spur Providers

Bluebrain: Year One

The Dizzying Future
of Augmented Reality, Envisioned

Like all things, it is fairly certain that the sum digital repository of human knowledge that we call the Internet must eventually cease to exist. Whether all traces of mankind are wiped out in a catastrophe in 2012 or whether we can find a way to make our legacy last millions of years into the future & throughout the universe, it still probably can't last forever.

This article is a great illustration of the fragility of the digital infrastructure that has recorded so much of humanity's efforts & ideas:

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