Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christ of the Abyss

While I was doing a Google image search for a funny image to put at the bottom of my last post, I came across another thought-provoking ocean image:

"Il Cristo degli Abissi" was created by Guido Galletti after an idea of Italian swimmer / diver Duilio Marcante. The statue was placed near the spot where Dario Gonzatti died in 1947.

Ultimately, it is just a piece of cast bronze re-merging with nature. Like all art, the effects upon the viewer's mind is a completely subjective phenomenon.

For me, photos of these underwater sculptures are very powerful & evoke many thoughts-

• The transience of the human experience
• Life's mysterious all-consuming power
• The divine in both nature and man as a continuum
• Sacrifice of the Self as a transcendent experience
Turquoise is a very tranquil color

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