Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Barbara Micarelli (1845-1909)

My Dad has always told me & my siblings that we had a great-great-aunt who founded a religious order in Italy.

The only details he knew, though, was that her name was Barbara Micarelli, and she was born in Sulmona, Italy.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can actually find websites dedicated to her memory and learn quite a bit about her life.

Barbara Micarelli was born on December 3, 1845 in Sulmona, Italy.

The order she founded in 1879, when she was 34 years old, was the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus.

Her "clear vision was to dedicate her whole life to the welfare of the poor, the orphans and the abandoned."

I've looked up information about her before out of curiosity, but I randomly came across a current news item that prompted me to post more information about her. Members of her congregation have just commemorated the centennial anniversary of her death:


Sr. Jerilyn said...

I am a sister of this Congregation and am interested to be in contact with a relative of our foundress. My email is fmijje@yahoo.com Looking forward to hearing from you. Sr. J

Sr. Jerilyn said...

Hi Paul. Thank you so much for responding! Two of our sisters, Sr. Maria and Sr. Angela visited a priest - Fr. Edmond Micarelli and his brother Louis Micarelli 96 years old. They live in Florida and also remember hearing about their distant relative, Barbara. Clement Micarelli, an artist lived in Massachusettes but just passed away about a year ago. He painted a beautiful portrait of our Mother Foundress. Our sisters in Italy have been trying to put together a family tree of Barbara - there are some gaps. Perhaps we could get together sometime and share some information. I live in Gibbstown, NJ very near to Ben Franklin bridge, Walt Whitman Bridge and Commadore Barry Bridge. Next Sunday our community in the USA is sponsoring a dinner dance and would like to have you and your family as a guest! This would also give you a chance to meet with our sisters in the US (We are 18) and then maybe begin some connections! Thank you so much! Sr. Jerilyn

I have sent by email the newest portrait of Mother Mary Joseph -Barbara Micarelli painted by Clement and also have attached his picture! (You don't have to post this - I just didn't know if you check this instead of email)

Sr. Jerilyn said...

Hi again. The date of Barbara's death was April 19, 1909 - above there is a little mistake saying 1900. Thanks!

VaoSix said...

My name is Seth Micarelli, and Clement Micarelli was my grandfathers brother. His name was Fulvio. My father is Arnold Micarelli. It is so interesting to find this history.

fmij said...

Hi! I ust saw this post! we do have a website....fmijusa.org and one in italian that you might be interested in....the italian site is fmgb.org. please let me know if you have any additional information! my email is fmijje@yahoo.com. hope to hear from you. Sr jerilyn