Friday, May 14, 2010

Clowning on Glenn Beck

The Daily Show & Colbert Report both had a little fun this week with the Minister of Teabagging Propaganda, Glenn Beck.

In my opinion, cynical self-serving bullshit artists like The Prophet Glenn & 'Grizzly Momma' Sarah Palin deserve all the mocking scorn they invite. Despite their delusional self-assurance that impresses the more gullible segments of the population, they are demonstrably wrong about so many things. "Drill Baby Drill!" ...stupider than ever.

On the Daily Show, Lewis Black expertly diagnoses Glenn Beck's case of "Hitler Tourette's":

Then, the clowning continued as The Master himself, Stephen Colbert, unloaded on Glenn Beck's apparent aspiration to be an albino jackass version of Martin Luther King:

Colbert Report, May 12, 2010:
"Glenn to the Mountaintop"

Thank goodness for the giants of political humor pointing out the absurdity of these dopes.

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