Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Falling Sarah Palin

Back during the Dark Ages of the Bush/Cheney presidency, I first turned to progressive political blogs & humor as way to assure myself that I was sane in a mad world.

One funny little time waster I somehow came across was on a site called planetdan.net called "Falling George Bush". It's nothing more than a physics-based image of Dubya that you can toss around like a ragdoll. It's simple yet awesome. Genius, actually.

I had the site bookmarked & recently saw the addition of 3 "Falling Sarah Palin" variations. MY favorite is definitely the one where you can bounce The Queen of the Teabaggers happily around an endless supply of gigantic fetuses.

To be fair & balanced, there are also versions with Democrats that you can toss about.

Falling Sarah Palin

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