Sunday, May 23, 2010

Matrix Baby

While browsing Geekologie, I saw the above photo of a little baby hooked up to some kind of brain scanning machine that reminded me of something from The Matrix.

"Newborns Can Learn in Their Sleep"

I found the image so damn creepy I felt that I just had to make the animation- superimposing an invading Sentinel over his fragile biological form. It looks like The Machines are wrapping tentacles around the helpless baby's head, steadily working their way into it's curious little human mind....

Wake up, kid!!!!

Technical PS: Since Blogger & Google don't even support animated GIF files, that is about the only thing I use my Myspace account for. It took me an hour to remember how to upload an animated GIF to Myspace. I kept getting a 'format not supported" error. You have to cancel the Flash-based photo uploader, & then click the 'click here' link for the basic photo upload... multiple times.

It's weird that you still have to figure this kind of crap out just to upload an animated image. Yeah it makes some Myspace pages look like virtual versions of this, but it's convenient to be able to upload animated files if needed.

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