Sunday, May 02, 2010

The KFC Double Down

Although I can appreciate the noble sentiments behind a vegetarian lifestyle, I personally can't see myself giving up eating meat. Despite the horrors of slaughterhouses & factory farming, the process is one I can all-too-easily overlook in favor of the end result.

My family is a pack of carnivores. The dudes tend to break out in a "Meat, meat, meat!" chant before an especially hearty dinner. My sister's the only one who avoids most types of animal flesh, but even she eats chicken. I tend to eat fairly healthy, but am also not adverse to excessive indulgence on occasion.

When I saw a commercial for the KFC Double Down- with 2 pieces of fried chicken replacing bread- I knew I had to get one. I went right to KFC on Friday to grab one for lunch.

It was exactly how you'd expect bacon, stuffing, & cheese between 2 slabs of crispy chicken to taste: Delicious!

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