Monday, June 14, 2010

Building a Lightsaber

I just saw a link on Gizmodo to an article by an engineer for General Electric, regarding the feasibility of the greatest fictional melee weapon ever, The Lightsaber.

This 'engineer' (who is obviously a Sith disinformation agent) claims that:

"It seems quite impossible to create a lightsaber, as seen in the Star Wars films, using existing technologies, materials, and physical laws."

Reading this article gave me a bit of a flashback to my high school senior year. Back then I had just enough scientific knowledge (with time to waste in homeroom class) to scheme with some other guys who also had physics about how we could build a semi-functional lightsaber using lasers & other high-tech crap.

Like so many youthful dreams, this was an exercise in futility.

Anyway... for my own amusement, I took my high-speed elevator & descended into the secret Monkey Buddha Archive that is 42 miles underground to pull out one of the many classic drawings I made in high school.

There are unimaginably rare documents hidden in my Armageddon-proof subterranean vaults that may one day be shared with the undeserving world.

For now, this particular masterpiece roughly imagining the construction of a laser-driven lightsaber will have to do:
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Don't bother trying to understand what's going on, it's pretty much bullshit.
It was neat to think about, though.

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Anonymous said...

It's not a bullshit drawing. That's how you would have to do it with Today's technology. But tomorrows tech will be here soon and your drawing is almost right.