Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice 2010

Today marked the beginning of my favorite season, Summer.

Although I consider it to be "summertime" as soon as I can go outside wearing shorts, today marks the actual date of the longest day of the year- The Summer Solstice.

I found a couple interesting new articles about this sacred day & it's traditional astronomical significance.

Continuing to recognize dates such as an equinox or solstice is important for maintaining some sense of natural time. This fundamental aspect of the Life experience transcends the artificial time frames of the modern world, like the school year, business cycles, or the Gregorian calendar itself.

National Geographic
"Summer Solstice 2010:

Why It's the First Day of Summer "

The website Secret Sun is dedicated to finding connections between astro-theology & modern culture. There was a post from today implying that the temporal relationship between Father's Day & The Summer Solstice is based on the ancient solar father-god archetype such as the Egyptian god Osiris.

Coincidentally, my Dad's birthday is today, and he was almost named 'Summer' since he was born on the Solstice. Thankfully he wasn't... because instead of Paul my name would have been Summer, Jr.!

Anyway, I guess the fact that I've always associated the beginning of Summer with both Father's Day & my Dad's birthday makes the idea of this synchronicity and its mystical connections more intriguing to me.

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