Thursday, June 24, 2010

Emwow: Vince for Eminem's "Recovery"

I consider myself an infomercial connoisseur, having closely studied the fine art of TV salesmanship since watching late-nite Ron Popeil TV ads as a teenager.

It always amazes me that people can be persuaded to order such crap from these ridiculous infomercials, but I still find them endlessly entertaining. My disbelief in the gullibility of TV viewers hit a new peak when the piece of garbage ShamWow, basically a rag, sold millions. The infomercial featured Beavis/Gremlin look-alike Vince Shlomi, aka. Vince Offer.

This obnoxious scumbag achieved another level of fame after he beat the daylights out of a hooker who bit his tongue or something.

I was amused to see that Vince was recently recruited by Eminem to promote his new album Recovery with a parody of the Slap-Chop informercial that Vince had also 'starred' in. I thought it was funny that the encroaching obsolescence of the CD format was highlighted with alternative uses for the plastic disc. This was a great idea for a video promo:

I've only heard a few tracks off the album like "W.T.P." & "No Love" w/ Lil Wayne, but I've been mostly been listening to "Not Afraid" which is getting the most airplay.

In my opinion, Eminem's greatest track so far was the anti-Bush anthem "Mosh" that came out before the 2004 elections. The song & video were a political masterpiece for that dreadful time. He tried to pull back the curtain on the truth behind the CIA asset Bin Ladin & the facetious nature of the "War on Terror", but it was in vain. We ended up stuck with the War Monkey for 4 more years.

The Monkey Buddha:
"Bush Hatin' Hip-Hop"

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