Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Crazy, or Just Gaga?

I just saw yet another scientific study relating artistic tendencies to mental "illness".

As the legendary Salvador Dali claimed, "The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad."

Artists are crazy! Who would've thought?....

Speaking of crazy creative types, last night I was watching the Larry King interview with Lady Gaga. Larry King is a laughably horrible interviewer, but for the most part he lets his guests go on & speak their mind.

The first song I heard of hers was "Just Dance" & I thought 'my god, this chick is horrible.' For better on worse, though I've changed my mind & think she's an impressive entertainer. I had the same change of opinion about Coldplay. I thought "Yellow" was the most horrible song ever, but now I like alot of their music.

Gaga is definitely a wildly creative & interesting person. Some of her more recent songs are catchy, as far as club pop goes. It's not music I'd listen to on a normal basis, but some of it's not as bad as 'Just Dance'. Even if you don't like her music, she's become an entertainment juggernaut. She's only 24, so if she keeps her head together & focused on her career she'll be successful for decades.

One reason that people find her intriguing is her artistic ability to push the boundaries of her unique appearance & performance. Most of all, she looks like she's having fun being totally wacky. Even the contrast in her name has a sense of humor about it, the dignity of the term "Lady" with the nonsense silly word "Gaga. Her outfit on Larry King was pretty funny too, basically a negative version of ol' Larry. I can appreciate her outrageous versatility, & criticism about her 'copying' various styles is missing the point.

Besides her over-the-top showmanship skills, in interviews she's thoughtful w/ an obvious passion to create & bring joy to other people. She is also definitely quirky and eccentric, but that's to be expected.

Anyone who slips anonymously into a bar to hang out, then randomly picks up the tab for the entire bar is cool in my book. This is an admirable attitude compared to the idea of being a "diva".

Lady Gaga's Telephone

Salvador Dali's 'Lobster Phone'
photo taken by Me

Of course, Lady Gaga is also... an Illuminati Puppet!

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