Monday, September 27, 2010

"Postcards From the Pledge"

The Democratic Party in D.C. may seem to be spineless as a caucus, and completely lacking in party message & discipline. The GOP in Congress, however, have few practical policy solutions that would affect the majority of the country in a positive way. Their usual mantras like "cut spending" & "smaller government" aren't followed up with actual plans, because the things they want to cut are popular.

The fact that the Republican party is even a threat in the upcoming Congressional elections so shortly after their ouster is a testament to the Democrat's ineptitude in mass communication.

Jon Stewart predictably offered a satirical look at the recent Republican "Pledge to America" & it's perpetually recycled talking points. As usual, Boehner & Co. offer no tangible steps toward their ideological goals. They simply get in line, take off their suits, roll up their sleeves, and expect America to buy the "common man" shtick yet again. Politics is one of the many crazy aspects of life. Luckily there are ways to laugh about it, because it's often a crappy situation.

Daily Show:

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