Monday, September 13, 2010

Your Beautiful Eyes

I saw this awesome link on BoingBoing a while ago featuring macro close-up photography of human eyes.

My previous post about sacred geometry reminded me of these super-detailed photos, which show the ordered chaos that somehow forms Life. The Mystery of the circle and nature's formation of such patterns are phenomena that a person can investigate and ponder for a lifetime.

Those macro eye photos are at a detail that is ironically beyond the normal perception of our own eyes. I guess that's why they almost look surreal, like they are made of sand or yarn. After looking at these crazy images, I had to go look in the mirror and study my own irises but there's no way to see details that fine without extra technology.

As a professional designer, my eyes are my life & livelihood. I definitely don't take my vision for granted. Actually, I'm always amazed by the wonders of eyesight and perception. It's hard to understand how these small gelatinous orbs could create the rich mental images of the world around us.

Speaking of optical illusions, here's one I made after seeing a similar technique used for an album cover. You need to click for the larger image- then squint or stand back from the monitor.

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