Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sense & Nonsense

There's so much craziness in political news that it's hard to pick things out to comment on.

Obama, (like all US Presidents) has the most insanely difficult job in the world. Though I disagree with how his administration has handled certain things, Obama is no Marxist revolutionary. The notion is ridiculous, & I'm as big a skeptic as anyone. The Beck/Hannity/Gingrich crowd, who claim we are being overrun by Socialism, cannot be total idiots... so are likely being cynically disingenuous for the sake of ratings & $.

This segment of Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Lecture is almost laughable. Unfortunately, it seems to be taken seriously by people who are somehow persuaded by the wacky 'college professor meets serial stalker' persona.

The Pasty Pundit is implying that The President of the United States & the American citizens who support his agenda want to destroy the country. What a jackass. I thought Bush & Cheney were ruining the country- but not on purpose! Their corporate-centered policies were demonstrably destructive to the economy, but none of their critics ever accused them of actually hating & trying to destroy America. That's just silly!

Anyway to offset the loony ramblings of Beck's shtick above, you can read this RS interview that gives a serious look into the issues Obama is facing.

Rolling Stone:
"Obama in Command"

He seems to be aware of the many challenges & the accompanying criticisms. What I can appreciate is the cool, calculated approach to these serious situations- a stark contrast to the irrational hysteria that would have undoubtedly characterized a White House with John "Bomb, Bomb Iran" McCain & Sarah "Death Panels" Palin... aka McPain. I don't care what anyone says, there is no way those two knee-jerk reactionaries could have improved the country's situation.

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