Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sacred Geometry Videos

The idea of "sacred" geometry is one that I first became aware of as a design student in college.

It is a combination of both technical and contemplative traditions- the correlation of conceptual geometric principles with the perceived patterns of energy, matter, & life.

Science and art equally interest me, so this way of looking at the world in a creative, yet logical way appeals greatly to me. Like anything else, it is ultimately a creation of the human mind & can be taken to wacky metaphorical levels. However, there is alot of wisdom to be found within the fundamental concepts and their applications.

When I first really started trying to understand these seemingly universal principles, it was like seeing the world with new eyes. My fascination with sacred geometry as well as ancient cultures led me to create the Da Vinci's Challenge game that is based on the symbol known as the "Flower of Life".

Here are some videos I've recently come across showing the basic elements, the line and the curve:

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