Saturday, April 30, 2011

How NOT to End a Controversy

After my last post about the Birther issue, I downloaded the PDF of President Obama's birth certificate to check out for myself.

After seeing some new conspiracy theories regarding the PDF file, I opened it in Adobe Illustrator. The image file contains a messy array of layers, which gives unnecessary ammo to people claiming the document is suspicious.

Here's a comical look at the descent into madness that people are taking, because of this issue:

The conservative website National Review Online gave the most plausible explanation- that the scanning software automatically converted certain areas of text into image layers.

Still... anyone with knowledge of graphics files would have created a flattened version for public release- that didn't include so many elements that people could question.

Now, though, at least most of the national attention will move on to more urgent matters... like giant friggin' tornadoes ripping through the country.

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