Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama's Budget Speech

Right now, I'm watching President Obama's address on the budget from earlier today on YouTube.

I'm glad to hear Obama come out with a strong progressive counter-argument to the failed ideology behind the regressive GOP budget proposals, led by Randian acolyte Rep. Paul Ryan.

Although it remains to be seen how these policy battles turn out, he has at least established a position that stands in stark contrast to the predictably disastrous vision of the Republicans in Congress.

I was watching Piers Morgan interview President Obama's sister Maya last nite. I get the impression that he is very sympathetic to most progressive causes, but is also very pragmatic and recognizes the ultimate need for compromise. This accommodating approach is what frustrates certain liberals, but it's also the way he has needed to operate to be effective.

It seems like Obama has thankfully had enough of the House GOP's ludicrous priorities & made an clear-cut case against their sadistic right-wing fantasyland.

Of course, the Republican response to The President's legitimate criticisms was "Waaaaaah! *Boo-hoooo*"

I'm sure this will be twisted into "Obama's Socialist Tax Hike Speech" by the Hannity's & Limbaugh's... but they are pitifully wrong about everything.

On a more humorous note, I was amused to hear The President use the ridiculous term "Win the Future" again- twice in this speech!

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