Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Secret of Easter

Let us not forget the true meaning of Easter's many rituals & celebrations... prevent Earth from being destroyed
by giant pink Space Bunnies w/ laser-shooting nostrils.

Give me all your Cadbury Eggs, puny humans!!!


7STAR said...

Hey Paul, I'm really enjoying your blog. I just discovered it today and I think you'll find the story of HOW I found it a bit entertaining.

So first of all, I started a wiki and it is a platform for artistic collaboration—I came up with this story, see, and the idea is for writers, illustrators, and eventually animators and even actors to bring the story to life. But it's not really taking off so I thought to get the ball rolling I should take on the first assignment—which is a picture of a pink bunny floating in space with the caption saying: "An alien creature's multiple personalities converge in search of the key to hell." The thing is I can draw, but not so much animals, so for a reference I did an image search for "pink bunny"; found a lot of good images, so many I thought I'd press my luck and search for "pink bunny in space" and sho 'nuf I was directed to your blog!

I then started browsing some other posts and found "Ancient Cosmology: a Map to the Future". Now my mind is really blown b/c this is the kind of stuff the ACTUAL STORY is about! I'll give the briefest possible overview I can: interdimensional alien discovers humans, fractures essence into sparks of light and 'plants' self-same sparks of light into primitive homo sapiens thereby giving them Consciousness. This is also the beginning of the Illuminati on Earth. Modern humanity is 'planted' with microchips that transmits Consciousness to machine that synthesizes our Consciousness into single event which humans can experience as a hyper-lucid dream, and in that process, unlocking our latent mental powers / awakening us to the fact we are one with a living, conscious Reality which we can manipulate as if it too were a dream (because it is). "Patient Zero" is the first one to become aware of all this and begins his quest to tell people how they can experience the Collective Consciousness as a dreamworld and become god-like beings.

So yeah, I enjoy your blog and hope we can continue this conversation. Love to get some feedback, and (fingers crossed) possibly collaborate on this epic story! You can find me on FaceBook (R. Talmadge Lacy) or Twitter (@KESHAXXKULT). I've even had some stuff published on (search for "The Church of Rebecca Black") :'D

paul_mic said...

Haha thanks! That's pretty crazy... crazy in a good way, of course.