Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trumping Birther Madness

Today's one of those bizarre news days that leaves me dumbfounded at our wacked-out national discourse. There's other interesting things going on, but a single source of wingnut mania has dominated the news cycle.

The rumors & insinuations surrounding the idiotic "birther" debate about the President's citizenship came to a head. Despite no legal obligation to do so, The White House publicly released Obama's so-called "long-form" birth certificate.

World-renown buffoons such as Donald Trump & Orly Taitz have been continuously ranting about this issue - claiming that the document either contains damning evidence, or doesn't exist at all.

Their fantasyland was temporarily disrupted today:

Unlike Dubya, the petulant man-child, Obama at least conducts himself like the adult in the room. I don't know how he can keep his composure, when faced with the morons out there who still believe he's some kind of Kenyan Marxist Muslim.

Now that the document is public, many have correctly predicted that the usual clowns wasting everyone's time with this issue will simply create other imagined problems to fret over. For example, Trump is now using the despicable line of attack that goes "I hear Obama was a bad student, how'd he get into Harvard?" It's such cynical ignorance & even more insulting than the birther obsession.

Working in Photoshop breeds a deep sense of skepticism for any image that I see. However, the evidence seems to be pretty overwhelming for what should be a non-issue. Unfortunately, the most unreasonable voices are often the ones who get the most attention.

Right now, Donald Trump is the 'Voice of Unreason' itself & has become an national icon for all the wrong reasons. He probably doesn't care what people say about him anyway, as long as he has his money & the spotlight.

The great thing about this country is he can practice his own vile form of Free Speech, and the rest of us can practice I made this graphic of "President A$$hole" to illustrate what a Trump Presidency would probably resemble. God Bless America :D

To quote The Donald himself:

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