Friday, June 10, 2011

Judging a Game Design Contest

Recently I posted about judging a contest at a local middle school.
I've been sent a couple articles online that I have linked below.

The students' assignment was to create a board game for a social studies class, based on the theme "Solving America's Energy Problems".

It was alot of fun & some of the kids had very good ideas. There were several of versions of Monopoly and Chutes & Ladders, but there were original games as well.
Several teams used faces of world leaders like Obama, King Saud, and Hu Jintao on Monopoly money, which was funny. There was alot of creative ideas for gameplay & the materials used to make the different projects.

Here are some articles about the event:

This is me walking around the tables
checking out the games & talking to the teams

This next article has a pic of some of the winners with the certificates that I made for the top 3 games.

Washington Twp. Sun:
OVMS Students get
Their Board Games Judged
by Award-winning Graphic Designer

Also, here is the video I made for the students to watch beforehand that's a basic intro to graphic design and product development.

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