Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Weiner & The Hot Dog

The ease with which our news media becomes completely engrossed in the most inconsequential stories is one manifestation of our absurd national discourse.

Anthony Weiner has been one of the most vocal 'liberal' Congressmen. He can come across as obnoxious, but he's been fighting the fight for the middle class that the Democratic Party-at-large should be engaging in more aggressively.

The Republicans in DC consistently fight against the common good and are shamelessly beholden to their corporate masters. I'm under no illusion that the Democrats don't have similar vested interests. Since the last election cycle, though, the GOP House and the newest batch of right-wing governors have declared outright war on anyone making less than $1 million.

Weiner has been one of the best at battling the 'conservative' ideologues. However, he has now completely screwed his reputation, at least in the short term, by lying about a personal pic he mistakenly tweeted.

Only in our sexually schizophrenic country, could pictures of a man's crotch in underwear cause a national media hysteria.
Of course, I understand that he lied horribly about the whole thing & that has a wife whom he betrayed. He is a fool for engaging in that type of behavior as a Congressperson, especially with right-wing attack dogs always frothing at the mouth to take him down. He should probably step down - if anything, so people can start talking about much more important issues (like preventing further economic collapse) sooner than later. If he was smart, he'd get a job on cable news, like Eliot Spitzer, and get to spout off as much as he wants. He'd also help balance out Fox New's stable of politician/entertainer/pundits.

However the media circus surrounding this story is just crazy, & it's mostly Weiner's fault for trying to cover it up in such a ridiculous way.

The culmination of the Weiner circus was his press conference this week, in which he admitted his involvement. First, he was pre-empted on the podium by his nemesis- the raging, vindictive A-hole Andrew Breitbart who has been unfortunately been vindicated in this. Then, the entire embarrassing scene escalated when reporters were allowed to ask their idiotic, childish questions.
To top it all off, madman Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern Show got in there to ask an off-color question.

photo from Newsweek

Besides The Weiner, there's also The Hot Dog who's taking up the rest of the news cycle.

I am obviously referring to The Alaskan Banshee herself, Sarah Palin. She is gallivanting around the country, using hard-swindled PAC money to visit historic landmarks.

As she casually acts like she's trying to get some American history into that vacuous skull of hers, her trip is pretty much pissing everyone off: the press, the Republican party, & people who actually understand history.

To be a true Sarah Palin fan requires the most pervasive ignorance that can befall a human being.

Palin is always wrong, refuses to engage in any self-reflection whatsoever, & babbles on so incoherently that many of her interviews are indistinguishable from this:

She produced a doozy this week- with her recounting of Paul Revere's midnight ride. Even after being later called out on her lack of knowledge by her own pals at Fox News, she laughably blames the "gotcha media" in her (now predictable) self-righteous manner.

Last nite, Stephen Colbert rode all over this story, on his toy horse, as he recounted Paul Revere's ride according to Sarah Palin.

I also saw this great cartoon below, about her revisionist accounts of American events. I'm glad there are more people with the sense to mock this unscrupulous & exploitative woman than those people with no sense at all... the people who actually admire her.

seen on BoingBoing

At this point, I welcome all The Madness. It lets me know I'm still a part of this wonderfully insane world. It's not like there's critically important issues facing the nation, right?....

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