Monday, June 27, 2011

The Star Wars Mythos

This weekend I caught the first half of the great documentary, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed.

There's been plenty of Star Wars geekery on this blog. I've loved those movies since I was a little kid. Now, I'm older but still getting to have epic lightsaber duels with my 2 year old nephew, who insists on being Darth Vader. I don't see the massive popularity of the Star Wars universe going away any time soon.

I've also pointed out the saga's serious flaws, mostly due to what I would consider bad judgment calls by George Lucas. However I'll overlook that dumb stuff in light of the brilliance & creativity of the overall vision.

They are modern masterpieces that incorporate all of the most powerful & effective elements of storytelling, from the entire span of human history.

As I try to study the endless amounts of history & religious mythology from around the world, my appreciation for the themes explored in the Star Wars story only grows. I always enjoy good philosophical discussion, & there is plenty to think about in the Star Wars saga. They can always seem to relate with whatever political/military/cultural narratives are occurring in the real world on any given day.

The Secret Sun featured an awesome look at philosophical & symbolic elements of the movies. I would recommend reading each of these to any Star Wars fan:

• Star Wars Symbol Cycle:
The (Other) Source of the Force

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