Thursday, June 30, 2011

Political Circus Clowns

Here's some good news- the free market has spoken, & Glenn Beck's theater of the absurd is no longer on Fox News.

Media Matters:
Requiem For A Rodeo Clown

My God.. What a compilation! He's such a dramatic dork.
Some of the concerns he has are actually probably worth considering, but his whole persona is hard to take.

On another note,
The fact that one of Congress's fringe lunatics, Michele Bachmann, has gotten any kind of traction in the GOP nomination race is a testament to the level of degeneration in conservative politics in this country.

I follow politics closely, so I've known about Ol' Crazy Eyes Bachmann for awhile.
The first time I remember seeing her was when she was clinging to Dubya after his State of the Union speech. I thought "geez, that wacky lady is really trying to impress Bush.".


...& she's only gotten crazier.

Her policy ideas are often wrongheaded. She's been proven to be one of the most shameless liars on Capitol Hill, but her Palin-esque insistence on her own righteousness is unwavering.

Politifact Truth-O-Meter:
Michele Bachmann

Speaking of Sarah Palin... the latest money-making scheme involving her is a movie that's probably ridiculous:

Are you kidding me?

As a designer, I can objectively say that is a really crappy movie poster. It's so cheesy & almost annoying to look at... but maybe that's mostly the Palin effect.

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