Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 and Fractal Brain Theory

I came across this excellent 2 hour lecture by Wai H. Tsang that thoroughly examines the structure and functioning of the brain & how it relates to consciousness.

Although there's alot of neurobiology & medical information in the talk, there's also some really great insights into more subtle aspects of human nature.

He wraps up his detailed talk with some wonderfully profound connections around 1hr 03min into the talk. I'd recommend at least watching the final 1/2 hr. segment.

One realization he points out is the seemingly fractal quality of the realities experienced in our minds.

On my iPhone right now, I'm reading the e-book of Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising". The book describes the theoretical "Circuits of Consciousness" model describing the neurological & epistemological basis of one's mind.

One thing R.A.W. stresses is the idea that attentive self-examination of one's own mental states leads to the ability to 'meta-program' oneself.
This refers to the ability to break out of unconscious mental & behavior patterns, through a feedback loop of self-awareness.

By understanding how our own brains create the various phenomena we call "consciousness," we're more likely to develop a more informed, complex view of ourselves & the reality we experience.

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