Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Cloud Atlas" Review

This week, I saw 'Cloud Atlas' & I highly recommend it. The movie weaves together several interconnected storylines that take place throughout various times.

The scenes take place in the 1800's, the 1970's, the current day, a futuristic "Neo-Seoul" in the year 2144, & what I believe is an apocalyptic off-world colony in the year 2321. The same actors are playing different characters for each time period, but the makeup & acting are so superb that it's not even noticeable.

It's an amazing work of art, that makes you think on a whole different level. If you are someone who like to ponder deep, philosophical issues then you must see this movie.

Even though the film itself is a wonderfully bold endeavor, there's alot of subtle details & aspects to the story that make it necessary to watch it at least twice to fully appreciate. Visually, "Cloud Atlas" is awe-inspiring. The various settings throughout the different eras are used to their maximum effect, and they give a profound sense of man's fragility & transience in the larger landscapes we inhabit.

Despite our temporal nature, "Cloud Atlas" also shows the transcendent effect that individual souls can have over time, extending beyond their singular lives to effect the world to come.

It is a movie that is hard to describe effectively, & just has to be seen. Your mind will be greatly expanded by this cinematic masterpiece.


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