Tuesday, November 13, 2012

GIFs of Infomercial Idiots

I consider myself a connoisseur of infomercials. The worse the product & the advertising... the more I'm entertained by it.

The Monkey Buddha Archive:

Since my teenage years, I've studied the shameless TV personalities & the shoddy wares they have peddled - Billy Mays, Marshall Sylver, & of course, The Master, Ron Popeil.

One thing that always cracks me up was how the infomercial always makes completely normal activities seem like a total pain in the ass, or even a recipe for utter disaster.

I saw a great blog linked on Sad & Useless and BoingBoing that features nothing but animated GIF images of these hapless fools in various infomercials.

You should scroll through the collection at least 3 times to appreciate the full absurdity of it:

I think WDTSG stands for the 'Where Does This Show Go' forum & FWP is 'First World Problems'.

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