Thursday, May 02, 2013

Crazy Scenarios in MS Paint

I saw this awesome Tumblr site on Sad & Useless. It is such a great idea & the results are hilarious.

"Jim" takes people's completely insane ideas for a scene & brings them to life in the Microsoft Paint program.

Like all Microsoft programs, MS Paint is crap.
However, Jim makes excellent renderings of these fantastic imaginary scenarios.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Dear Jim,

Please paint me a scene where Jesus bursts into Hitler’s bunker smoking a cigar and riding a T-Rex, while firing a Thompson machine gun with one hand and holding sticks of dynamite with the other, robes flowing, winking and smiling. And at the same time the BTTF2 DeLorean has crashed into the bunker wall with Ash from Evil Dead II out the car shotgunning and chainsawing Nazis who speak in Commando comic German (Gott in himmel etc) and chopping through Nazi Xenomorphs from the Alien movie franchise.

Dear Jim,
Please paint me Jimi Hendrix explaining to an owl on his shoulder what a stick of chalk is, near a forest.

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