Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Michele Bachmann Finally Leaving Congress

Miami Herald

To celebrate the announcement that Michele Bachmann is not running for re-election in Congress, I'm re-posting the "Hypno-Bachmann" an animation I made awhile back of Ol' Crazy Eyes. 

...Don't stare at it too long, or you WILL go insane.

Good riddance to one of the most ignorant & divisive members of The House of Representatives!

The House Republicans have had a membership that is strong in buffoonery, incompetence & know-nothingness. The lack of a meaningful legislative record under Speaker Boehner should be embarrassing for the GOP. However, Rep. Bachmann has been an especially unproductive & toxically corrosive Congressperson.

Like the other ethically-challenged quitter, Sarah Palin, hopefully her only future is in the fringes of Fox News & right-wing talk radio. I'm sure she will find ways to continue eagerly feeding paranoid misinformation to the wackos that think she's some kind of populist hero.

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