Friday, January 10, 2014

Danger: Humans

After my last post, questioning the role of humans in the cosmos, I saw this funny video addressing how we might appear to extraterrestrial beings.

The title says it all - "Danger: Humans"

I personally think Earth could be like a zoo- where we are being continually observed by more advanced species. Humans are fumbling around trying to get off-planet with our primitive rocket technology, while other, more intelligent, life may be zipping around us or even existing in other dimensions.

If I were part of a galactic civilization looking on mankind, I wouldn't want the crazy human race going anywhere, either.

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I am trying to trace the copyright for the evolution graphic with the pink background and the zoo cage. Does this image belong to you or could you point me in the direction of the owner. I wish to use it on a book cover.

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