Friday, January 10, 2014

The Evolution of Cruelty

I just posted about humans being fearsome creatures, & the idea of Earth being a planetary zoo observed by more advanced beings.

This graphic sums up the harsh irony of mankind's often cruel & indifferent treatment of life, especially those most like us. It's sad that we put other people in cages, but it's even sadder that we imprison innocent animals who have no understanding of why we humans are doing this to them. Unfortunately, Life is a brutal process & we are products of this continual violent struggle.

We live in an age of increasing compassion & intelligence, but also one of increasing suffering.
These are not mutually exclusive properties of the world, and many seemingly contradictory situations can exist simultaneously.

All we can do on an individual level is try to personally avoid causing suffering to other beings, regardless of their level of sentience.

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Frank McCulley said...


That graphic is incredibly powerful. Thanks for sharing it.