Friday, January 31, 2014

The World Before the Internet

I sometimes get into a debate with my parents about the idea that there used to be "the good old days"- where the world was a better place when they were kids.

They don't seem to realize that things were just as horrible back then, if not more so! They just weren't aware of this fact because they were kids at the time, & had no idea of the problems in the world.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

When people ask me what time period I'd like to live in, I always answer, "Right now!" I feel like life for the average person is much better than it has ever been, thanks to science & technology.

There is still endless misery & suffering on this planet. However, the existence of tools like computers & the Internet have completely transformed the world. When I think back to life as a kid, instead of feeling nostalgia, I realize how much of a pain in the ass it was to learn & do things that are now instantaneously accessible.

This is a funny cartoon that sums up how I feel about the days before digital technology & communication:

"The World Before The Internet 
& Other Frightening Tales"

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