Monday, January 20, 2014

Timeline of the Far Future

 I saw this mind-boggling infographic on the Imaginary Foundation blog. It charts predictions of geological & cosmological events that will occur long after human beings no longer exist.

In my game review of Mass Effect, I questioned if any kind of intelligence or information could possibly survive millions of years- or, even more improbably, billions of years.

One of humanity's most durable creations to date is Mt. Rushmore, but even these giant carvings in the granite mountain will erode after 7 million years.

Will human beings, in their present form, even exist that far into the future?... The likely answer is "No".

We are just a brief flash in eternity.  
The human mind can barely think on these time scales,
but it is humbling & helps open our mind to the vast reality we inhabit:

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