Thursday, April 16, 2015


 In my random Internet browsing, I came across an absolutely outstanding set of videos.

They are computer animations which create virtual "music videos" in virtual environments. The playlist is called "Animusic"  computer animated music, uploaded by YouTube user Effchen.

YouTube Playlist:

The 3D-rendered computer graphics are stunning, and really mind-bending if you take the time to watch them.

The great thing about computer animation is that we can create & experience completely virtual spaces that look realistic- but are in fantastic environments with seemingly impossible instruments & objects.

The Animusic videos have different themes, using the wonderfully surreal visuals to illustrate the music. 

The first video I saw was "Gyro Drums," a crazy take on the percussion solo.

"Resonance Chamber" features classical string sounds, The video features a strange, but elegant-looking, hybrid instrument. It is being played by spider-like mechanical fingers.

There are also more futuristic & hi-tech themes, like "Fiber Bundles". Here, a rhythmic synergy is created between the light and the music to create a synesthesia-like effect.

I would recommend checking out the whole playlist, for more of these awesome videos. 

Once virtual reality (VR) applications really take off, there will be no limit to the virtual spaces & novel experiences that the human mind can explore.

The official website for Animusic sells the videos on DVD & Blu-ray.

They also have some videos on their YouTube page.

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