Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Molecular Movies & Medical Animations

Despite being an artist by profession, I've always been interested in science. The more I learn, the more mysterious the world actually becomes.

Biological life & the human body are endlessly fascinating. When you begin to learn about the functioning of Life on a microscopic level, a whole new world opens up that is both strange and beautiful in its complexity.

For me, it it is much easier to comprehend something when I see a visual representation of it. That is why I love computer animations & digital renderings of otherwise hidden phenomena. Technology allows us to visualize previously unimaginable or inaccessible information.

Recently, I found this page of computer animations that illustrate various processes that occur on a molecular or cellular level.

The animations are broken up into categories. When you click a movie, it can take you to the site of a university or lab with even more videos. It is great resource for those with an interest in microbiology, or for those who are just curious about the infinite complexity and variety of living systems.

 I've seen this awesome animation before, which is titled "The Inner Life of The Cell". It shows the ecosystem of cellular activity that is going on within our bodies all the time, without us even being aware of it. A full version, with narration describing the processes shown, can be found here.

Here are more amazing computer-rendered visualizations, from Hybrid Medical Animation.


latest promotional reel from hybrid medical animation on Vimeo.

The mind cannot help but marvel at the organization and endless intricacy of these processes. In fact, here's a video of what happens as the mind is marveling at such things:

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