Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chimp Knocks Down A Drone

This is a video of something that never stops amusing me - apes & monkeys doing crazy things.

It's from a Dutch zoo, where a surveillance drone was filming while flying over the chimpanzee enclosure.

As the remote-controlled drone glides over taking video footage, one of the chimps up in a tree smacks it with a branch. It's enough to knock the drone out of the sky. Some chimps then proceed to pick up the flying robot & look into the camera of this strange object.

It almost seems as if there's a deep, metaphorical meaning to this seemingly simple action...

Perhaps it can be seen as a symbolic of the struggle in modern culture- between primitivism & advanced technology.

Maybe it's a reminder at how ineffective our technology can be, in the face of the overwhelming power of nature.

Perhaps it's a "cosmic giggle," related to Terence McKenna's theories about the evolutionary transition from apes to technology-using humans. It's also relevant to his idea of the archaic revival, or the reversion to ancient tribal values & more 'primitive' modes of existence...

Mostly, I think it's just chimps being funny.

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