Friday, February 17, 2017

BREAKING NEWS!!!: President Trump is Revealed to be Andy Kaufman

This would be the ONLY way that any of this makes any sense at all... 

... if the national embarrassment that we now have as President was actually subversive comedian Andy Kaufman - still alive & pranking the world with an elaborate disguise.

(seen on Weird Wide Web)

After listening to Trump's ridiculous & obnoxious media-bashing press conference yesterday, I don't know which is more unbelievable- how much of a narcissistic moron the guy really is, or that there are still people who actually listen to his self-centered ramblings and aren't disgusted by what a clueless shithead he is.

In fact, it's apparent from reading comments from his supporters that they actually think the press conference was an awesome beatdown of the "fake news". This is as delusional as claiming that a braying jackass is singing Italian opera. Trump looks and sounds like an absolute dope to anyone not brainwashed by right-wing propaganda & their own cognitive biases.

I think Howard Stern was right when he said Trump just wanted to run for President to get exposure for his brand & TV show. After he actually won, it quickly became clear that he was in waaaay over his head. His incompetence and conflicts of interest are already catching up to him in his first month. We'll see how long this flaming train wreck can barrel along, but maybe there's still a chance that the mask will be ripped off to reveal it was all just a big joke.

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