Sunday, February 19, 2017

NYC Toy Fair 2017

This weekend I made my annual trip to the Toy Fair trade show, held in midtown Manhattan at the Javitz Center.

It is a huge convention, featuring new products from toy & game manufacturers from around the world. I love seeing all the cool, fun things that are coming out on the market. There's definitely a lot to see, and I covered a lot of ground in the day that I was there, walking the whole show in 5-6 hours.

I also used the opportunity to make contacts with game publishers and toy companies to pitch ideas I'm personally trying to get to market, as well. I am especially focused on getting the strategy game I created, "Da Vinci's Challenge", published for retail again. Recently, a new edition of the game was produced, to be used as a promotional item by Swiss watchmaker, IWC Shaffhausen. I'll post up pics here soon.

Here is an album of all the photos I took at Toy Fair:

Here are a few highlights, but click on the link above to see the whole album:

 An oversized monkey mask

 A cool figure of my favorite superhero, The Green Lantern.

I was feeling spaced-out around The Teletubbies.

 Samurai-styled Darth Vader & Imperial Royal Guards

 This awesome, life-size Dr. Strange statue had glowing rings of magical energy.

A googly-eyed Yoda doll sitting cross-legged.

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