Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yoda & the Wisdom of Age

Today I mark another year of my life, and I feel grateful for all I've seen and experienced in my almost 4 decades in this world.

Despite being what is considered my mid-life years, I try to keep a youthful mindset and a fresh outlook on everything. I am engaged to the woman of my dreams, saving for a house, finding new avenues in my professional life- in many ways I feel like I'm just getting started!

One of my life-long favorite fictional characters, who has deeply inspired my outlook on philosophy, religion, personal conduct, and Reality itself, is Jedi Grand Master Yoda from Star Wars.

I saw this awesome image by Meg Owenson on of a serene Yoda standing in the swamps of his planet of exile, Dagobah. It embodies the mindset I try to cultivate- one of tranquility, wisdom, and attunement to nature & the living spirit that flows through everything.

by Meg Owenson

I might not live to be 900 years old like Master Yoda, but I plan to live to at least 140!

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