Monday, February 27, 2017

The Microtubular Origin of Consciousness

The mystery of consciousness is the nexus of our understanding reality with our experience of it.

Science can be used to investigate the mechanisms that give rise to conscious thought, but there will always be a somewhat magical quality to it. If one looks at the world through a mystical lens, then no amount of descriptive explanation will erase the feeling of wonder that the world inspires.

In my efforts to learn more about science and the nature of the mind, I came across the theories of Dr. Stuart Hameroff, an anesthesiologist who used his knowledge of controlling the mind state of patients to study the origin of conscious experience. He has been working with physicist Roger Penrose to uncover the nature of the mind.

I recently saw an article regarding Hameroff's theory on the website for The Resonance Institute, which was started by Nassim Haramein. Listening to one of Nassim Haramein's lectures about Sacred Geometry and the Unified Field was a rare instance where I had a complete cognitive breakthrough that gave me a drastically new outlook on reality. I felt a similar mind-expanding experience after listening to Hameroff's theories.

Resonance Science Foundation:

I would suggest watching Dr. Hameroff's many videos online where he elaborates his ideas.

The gist of his theory is that the conscious activity which we recognize as "mind" is not simply a function of neurons firing & interacting at the cellular level.

Consciousness is actually an emergent phenomenon, that begins at the quantum level and is facilitated by microtubule structures below the cellular scale. These tiny biological structures act with the unique molecular properties of water, to operate like interconnected quantum computers. They are working on a subatomic level, collapsing wave functions to create coherent states of experience.

I'm not sure if I'm describing the process exactly right, but his theories would bridge the fundamental level of quantum energy with the levels of neural cells & the brain as a whole. His ideas also address the transmittal of information across a range of scale, explaining how consciousness forms through these different levels within the brain.

Science Daily:

I feel like this is the right path toward a deeper understanding of our own mental activity, and how it arises from biological processes that result from interdependent complex systems.

Here is an animation of the energy dynamics of microtubules within a neural cell. It gives a sense of the rapid, interconnected exchange of information being carried out at the microscopic level, in every cell of our body.

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