Sunday, May 18, 2008

Esoteric Star Wars

Besides being a fan of Star Wars movies since I was a kid, I've accumulated a ridiculous amount of movie trivia throughout my life. As I got older, though, I've also become more interested in the historical & philosophical roots behind these space-age myths that use classic themes. Reading Joseph Campbell or reading about ancient mythology has given me an even greater appreciation for these movies I used to watch for the monsters & spaceships when I was little.

Looking into the deep roots behind these stories and analyzing their meaning concerning the human condition never becomes dull for an inquisitive mind. The purpose of any mythological narrative is to cause a person to consider the external & internal forces that define our existence. The hope is that by recognizing what motivates and defines us, we can be a more positive influence in the world.

When I come across essays or websites discussing the philosophy of the Star Wars movies, I eat it up. The ability to be understood on so many different levels is what makes the saga so great for people of all ages & backgrounds.

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