Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Natural Terror

Great White sharks top my list of the most fearsome creatures.

Crazy people who dive with these monsters to show their "docile" side don't ease the horror caused by seeing one. I've always loved the ocean and boats, but the idea of a huge fish with razor teeth is enough to prevent me from feeling completely at ease.

This past Sunday I was watching 2 shows that centered around sharks. "Science of Survival" was about staying alive at sea on a life raft. Of course, sharks were a problem that was addressed. It was hosted by Les Stroud. His other show, "Survivorman", is another one of my favorites. Although Bear Grylls is wackier & more animated on "Man vs. Wild", I don't think he's as informative.

The other show was what I think was another episode of "I Shouldn't be Alive" & told the nightmarish story of a shipwreck where the crew were stranded on a rubber dinghy w/ no supplies whatsoever. A couple of the guys drank seawater out of desperation & went crazy. They jumped into shark-infested water & the survivors explained how they felt the frenzy of sharks striking the victim right underneath their raft! That thought alone is horrifying, but they had a reenactment showing the whole scene & the bottom of the boat violently bouncing under the survivors. It almost made me want to never go on a raft again.

As I went looking for cool pictures of Great Whites online after watching these shows, I found a doozy. This has to be one of the absolute scariest pictures I've ever seen... The fact that you can barely make out the creature rising from the deep to attack makes it all the more terrifying.

Here's the link to the Flickr set I saw it in:

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